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Rare Toy-Inspired G.I. Joe Variant Covers to be Released at COIL Con

Marietta, OH - Two Ohio and West Virginia mainstays, Tricon: West Virginia's Comic Con and Roma Collectibles, have teamed up with IDW to release a set of rare G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero variant covers at COIL Con in Dayton, Ohio on October 20th. The covers, for issue #256 (Sept. 2018), will feature art based on classic, international, and rare toy variations on a set of three increasingly limited covers.

Bridging the gap between the die-hard G.I. Joe toy collectors, and comics aficionados, these covers feature the popular characters of Scarlett and Storm Shadow, along with their lesser-known, highly collectible, repaints and variants, some of which have never before been featured on a G.I. Joe cover.

Produced in extremely limited numbers, the "Classic" cover features Scarlett and Storm Shadow sporting their iconic '80s look (limited to 750 copies), while the "Argentina" variant (limited to 500 copies) features the blonde Glenda, Helicopter Co-Pilot, and the red Ninja Satan. The rarest of the variants, limited to only 250 copies, one of the shortest run for a G.I. Joe variant ever, features Ninja Force Scarlett and Ninja Viper. Ninja Force Scarlett has not graced a cover since the 90s, while Ninja Viper is one of the most coveted and sought after repaints of Storm Shadow. With pencils and inks by Tristan Kelly, and colors by Nick Wentland (TMNT, Army of Darkness), the covers are sure to be hit with fans of the comics and toys.

Online reveals are soon to follow, with online sales available after their debut at COIL Con.

About Roma Collectibles

Based in Springfield, Ohio, Roma Collectibles is a company specializing in rare and vintage toys and action figures. Run by Aaron Detrick, along with a loyal clan of helpers and employees, Roma Collectibles can be found at toy and comic shows all over the US selling and trading in vintage nostalgia, with a special love for G.I. Joe figures and memorabilia. Roma can be found online at

About Tricon

Every year Huntington, West Virginia, is host to Tricon: West Virginia's Comic Con. Owned by Eric Watkins and James Maddox, the convention is West Virginia's premier comic show, drawing guests, vendors, and attendees from all over the US. As a branch of the publisher, Broken Icon Comics, the owners have worked with companies such as Image, IDW, and Dynamite to create exciting variant covers for titles such as '68, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Army of Darkness, and more. BIC can be found online at

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